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Minor Surgery

How is minor surgery performed to remove periorbital lumps?

If the periorbital lesion is large and a tissue sample needs to be sent for histology, minor surgery may need to be performed to remove the lesion in its entirety. The skin is cleansed and numbing cream is applied. Local anaesthetic injections will be given to further anaesthetize the treatment area. An excision biopsy can then be performed either with a surgical blade or using a punch-biopsy tool. If the resulting skin defect is small, it may not require stitching. However, if it is larger, then primary closure of the wound with sutures will be done. The sutures may or may not be dissolvable depending on whether the lesion is infected or not. If the sutures are not dissolvable, the patient will need to be reviewed at a later date for the doctor to remove the stitches.

Diagram showing how an excision biopsy is performed using a surgical blade
Diagram showing how a shave biopsy is performed using a flat blade
Diagram showing how a punch biopsy is performed
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