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Agnes Needle RF

What is the Agnes treatment?

Agnes is a treatment that uses insulated needles to deliver radiofrequency (RF) pulses to the skin and subcutaneous tissue (which cause acne), blackheads, syringomas, wrinkles and fat under the eyes and chin.

With the needles engineered to a precise depth, they will protect other structures in the skin and also the epidermis during the treatment resulting in minimal down time and side effect such as pigmentation.

The AGNES uses radio frequency energy to contract skin and unwanted fatty tissue through the specially designed needle system that precisely deposit the right amount of energy in a safe and effective manner to the skin or below the skin.

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What types of skin conditions can be treated with Agnes?

Agnes can be used to treat a variety of common skin conditions. These include acne, comedones, syringomas, eye bags, double chin and periorbital wrinkles. Due to its mechanism of action, it is a very effective and popular treatment for stubborn facial and body acne. Multiple treatment sessions maybe required for better clinical results.

How does Agnes work in the treatment of acne?

Agnes involves the use of insulated needles to deliver an RF pulse directly due the sebaceous glands in the skin. As the needles are insulated, this prevents thermal injury to the epidermis of the skin. The RF pulse selectively destroys the targeted sebaceous gland. The selective destruction of sebaceous glands results in the improvement of acne over time.

What are the pre-procedure preparations needed and how long is the post-procedure downtime after Agnes?

Our therapists will thoroughly cleanse your face. Numbing cream will be applied for approximately 30 minutes and an oral painkiller will be prescribed. Post-procedure, there will be slight redness and swelling over the treated areas which will resolve over the next few days.

Can Agnes be combined with other treatments?

Agnes can be used as a monotherapy or combined with other treatments. These include the following e.g. oral antibiotics, retinoids, etc.

What are some of the common side effects after doing Agnes?

Agnes is a safe procedure. Side effects are uncommon. These include the following e.g. redness, hyperpigmentation, scarring, etc.

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