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Dark Eye Circles

Dark Eye Circles

What are dark eye circles and what are the causes?

Dark eye circles refers to the clinical discolouration that is seen in the infraorbital region. Common causes of dark eye circles include the following (list is not exhaustive)
  • Shadowing due to anatomical shape of the orbit
  • Loss of fatty tissue in the eyelid or around the eye
  • Bulging fat and muscle loss
  • Puffy eyelids
  • Thin translucent skin
  • Skin pigmentation

What you need to know

Those prone to dark circles under the eye include the elderly (but they are also a common complaint in adolescents), people of darker skin ethnicities and people with a genetic predisposition to dark undereye circles.

Treatment options include a combination of topical pigmentation creams, injectables (Rejuran I, hyaluronic acid fillers) and chemical peels. Please see the respective treatment subpages for more details.