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Subcision with Dermal Fillers

What is Subcision?

Subcision involves using the sharp edge of a hypodermic needle to cut fibrotic adhesions that tether the scar to to the underlying tissue.

Fibrotic tissues, or tethers, develop during the inflammatory acne process and remain after the healing stage. Deep acne scars result from both collagen loss and the formation of these tethers, which can tug the skin surface downwards, causing depressions.

Subcision is a procedure that effectively severs these fibrous tethers, releasing tethered scars and enhancing their overall appearance.

What kind of acne scars can be treated with Subcision?

It can treat almost all types of scars. Here are some of the types of scars that can be treated successfully with Subcision.

  • Boxcar Scars
  • Icepick Scars
  • Rolling Scars
subcision with dermal fillers for acne scars-min

Treatment Experience

After a thorough cleansing, a topical numbing cream is applied to the treatment area in order to reduce discomfort and pain.

Next, a tiny needle is inserted into the area with the depressed scar.

The needle will then be moved in a “fanning” fashion to release these fibrous tissues and tethers. Patients may feel a “clicking” sensation during this process.

After the treatment, mild bruising and swelling may occur, lasting around 5 to 7 days.

Applying the intensive recovery cream will hasten recovery and shorten the downtime.

Subcision is a safe procedure and side effects / risks are minimal.

For deep/severe scarring, 2 to 3 sessions may be needed to completely clear the fibrotic tethers.

Why are the fillers injected after Subcision?

Dermal fillers are injected post-subcision to separate the cut fibrotic adhesions from the underlying tissue as well as to promote new collagen formation and scar remodelling.

What are the different Dermal Fillers that can be used for Filler Subcision?

Typically in our practice, Hyaluronic Acid fillers, Calcium Hydroxyapatite (Radiesse) or Polynucleotide, PN (Rejuran-S) can be used for filler subcision.

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