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Pure Whitenol Serum

What is Pure Whitenol Serum?

Pure Whitenol Serum is a unique combination of 4 main ingredients. Firstly, skin pigmentation is reduced through the effects of liposome-encapsulated 4-n-butylresorcinol, which effectively blocks the formation of melanin. Secondly, tranexamic acid improves and alleviates skin redness. It does this by inhibiting tyrosinase activity of melanin cells, reducing blood vessels within the dermis and restoring the dermis from degeneration. Thirdly, Rhodiola Sachalinensis has antioxidant properties, aids in stem cell activation and restores the damaged basal layer of the skin thus improving elasticity. Fourthly, ceramides help to moisturize and enhance the skin barrier.

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What is hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition when patches of skin become darker in colour than the normal surrounding skin. This darkening occurs when there is excess production of melanin by melanocytes and these are deposited on the skin’s surface forming dark spots.

What are the benefits of using Pure Whitenol Serum?

Pure Whitenol Serum has clinically significant effects in several steps of the pigment formation process through its unique 4-main ingredient formulation. Its liposomal-assisted delivery system also enables better penetration and absorption compared to other pigmentation creams. Pure Whitenol Serum also contains ceramides which are approximately twice as effective at moisturizing the skin. In addition, it also does not contain any parabens and phenoxyethanol and is suitable even for patients with sensitive skin.

This diagram shows the liposomal-assisted delivery system which leads to better penetration and absorption of the product.

Can I use Pure Whitenol Serum after laser treatment?

Pure Whitenol Serum is an excellent topical treatment which complements medical lasers. This is due to the fact that it contains ceramides and tranexamic acid which moisturizes and soothes skin redness respectively post-laser. This reduces overall discomfort and downtime for the patient.

Can Pure Whitenol Serum be used long-term?

There is evidence in long-term clinical trials to show that Pure Whitenol Serum causes very little skin irritation and is suitable for patients with sensitive skin.

How do I use Pure Whitenol Serum in my daily skincare routine and when can I expect to see results?

Pure Whitenol Serum is recommended to be applied twice a day over the entire face and not just areas with pigmentation. Clinically visible results can usually be seen approximately 4 weeks after starting the treatment.

What are the common side effects of using Pure Whitenol Serum?

Pure Whitenol Serum is generally safe and effective for most patients, producing little to no side effects.

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