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Dr Ngiam is very knowledgeable and concise in breaking down concerned problems to find solutions. So far since seeing him 6 months ago, I have seen considerable improvement in my acne / skin. As he came from a surgeon background I trust him as a doctor to administer procedures on my skin responsibly.
Joan C | Recent  

After 6 months of undergoing treatment from JLaser and Aesthetics clinic, I must commend their professional etiquette and effectiveness of said treatment. Furthermore, I really enjoyed the friendliness of the staff and the overall environment as a whole. In summary, the treatment does work and I recommend anyone with acne issues to seek treatment from JLaser And Aesthetics Clinic

Russel | Recent  

“I had my first laser treatment a year ago at J Laser for my pigmentation problem. Dr Ngiam takes time to explain clearly the procedure and throughout the treatment he was very assuring, constantly checking to ensure that I am comfortable. One week after treatment I was amazed to see the result – the dark pigments on my cheek had lightened.A month later I went through the Excel V treatment. The procedure gave a stinging sensation but it was bearable. Most importantly my face improved tremendously – more radiant, fairer and tighter. Family members and friends at our Christmas gatherings commented that I look younger.With the Ultherapy treatment my face became firmer, my eyebrows, chin and neck were lifted, my forehead wrinkles and crow feet lines were less visible, my double eyelids and jawline were more defined………gone are the days of my tired looking eyes. Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment and there’s no downtime, I was able to go shopping immediately after the treatment.A big thank you to you, Dr Ngiam and your team of caring and friendly staff for making each of my visits a wonderful experience.”

Kim | 5 months ago  

“Since I started consulting Dr Ngiam more than a year back I have been receiving many compliments from friends and relatives. I am very pleased with the visible results and highly recommend Dr Ngiam’s services to anyone wanting to restore the glow and youthfulness to their skin.”
Yvonne | 5 months ago 


“I’ve been consulting Dr Ngiam for my aesthetic treatments since the day he opened his clinic at Thomson Plaza. Throughout these years, he has always been careful and prudent in recommending the appropriate treatments for me. He conducts his treatments skillfully and constantly checks that I am alright. I was so fearful of pain and discomfort initially but am now able to lie comfortably for the procedures. Haha!”
Amy | 5 months ago 


“Two months ago when i was walking at Thmson plaza i bum th Dr Ngiam cilinc .. we enquire on the botox.. the staffs were so profesional in explaning the procedure, while Dr was not around.. i make the 1st appointment for my botox… Dr Ngiam was so amazing in doing the procedure.. it was so painless. He and is staffs are so profesional in their job.. after 3 weeks i did my cheeks filler. I trusted Dr Ngiam job… thats why i did my second treatment… i was nit recommed by anyone… or read about his article… one thing i am sure i can trust him and gis stafff… I find a grat satifaction 8n his work… i will be going for third treatment next month…
I will definetly recommend to anyone with no regerts at all..”
Yani | 6 months ago 


“Went to J Laser Clinic for Edge Laser treatments and i am very 100% satisfied with the results. Thanks to Dr Ngiam and staff!I will definitely recommend anyone who needs laser treatment to J Laser Clinic. You will never regret it!”
Adrian | 6 months ago 

“Have been to few aesthetic clinics before but J clinic is e one that can give me significant results for same kind of treatment done elsewhere. This is because Doc Ngiam is very professional n he’s really good at what’s he’s doing. He’s also very patient and informative.
His staffs are also very friendly and helpful.
E only con is he’s so popular u have to wait a mth for an appointment.”
Joey S | 6 months ago 

“Dr Ngiam is very professional and friendly. He is very customer centric, able to provide customised advice and treatment to suit the customer’s needs. The treatment has shown steady and enduring results – more natural and supple skin, which makes the overall look younger and more radiant. Tks, Dr Ngiam and your team for making each visit a delightful one.”
MKL | 6 months ago 

“I have been going to Dr Ngiam for issues regarding my eye bags and dark circles and dull skin. Dr Ngiam is very patient and encouraging. He worked around my issues systematically and Under his skilful hands, my eye bags and dark circles improved so much and my complexion is also much clearer now: I easily look 10 years younger than how I looked before I went to J Aesthetics. I am also grateful to the friendly and sweet staff who takes care of me every time I go. Thank you Dr Ngiam and your team for the wonderful service!”
EK | 6 months ago 

“Thank you Dr Ngiam and his staff. Without Dr Ngiam, I don’t think I will have such a huge transformation on my face.”
FT | 6 months ago

“I started seeing Dr Ngaim about 4 months ago when I realised that my skin has started showing visible signs of aging.
Dr Ngaim is very patient, professional and informative, offering lots of good advice to help me decide on the course of treatment for my skin.
His team of staff is equally professional and lovely, always eager to assist with any queries that I have. Appointment bookings are a breeze and they will accommodate your request whenever possible.
Treatment is still ongoing but I already see changes in the area of targeted treatment and am happy with the results thus far.
I would recommend Jlaser to anyone looking for a aesthetic clinic as the staff are all very professional and never once have I felt pressed to make a decision I did not want to.”
DY | 7 months ago

“I am so happy with my treatment at J Laser and Aesthetics Clinic. Dr Ngiam treated my saggy jaw with Silhouette Soft Thread – a minimally invasive and painless procedure that gave me immediate result. Dr Ngiam also combined the treatment with Ellanse, popularly known as 少女针 which stimulates my own collagen, making my skin tighter, brighter, healthier and dewy thus giving me a natural and youthful look. Both treatments are safe and fast and my family and friends have commented that I look much younger and prettier.

I will definitely recommend my friends and those who want to have such impressive results to J Laser and Aesthetics Clinic for this Gold Standard Aesthetics procedure thumbsup

A big thank you to the highly skilful Dr. Ngiam who performed such delicate procedures with care, skill and professionalism!

Lastly, thanks to his friendly staff who assisted the doctor efficiently and made me comfortable throughout the procedure.”
KXL | 7 months ago 

“Just 3 months ago , my face is filled with pimples and luckily with the help of J Laser and Aesthetics Clinic & definately Dr Ngiam , i have took the medicine that he prescribed , pimples were gone and many of my friends realise the change & even asked me to recommend to them . A big thank you to Dr Ngiam , he is an experienced and friendly doctor.”
Sean | 7 months ago 

“At my age of 60 plus, I was amazed by the immediate results of the Ultherapy treatment at J Laser and Aesthetics Clinic yesterday morning. And there was no downtime at all! I went straight to attend a seminar and my colleagues commented that I look very pretty today. After the seminar I went home and to my surprise my husband commented that I look 10yrs younger! And I always had the impression that u needed to go under the knife to look younger at my age. A million thanks to Dr Ngiam and his capable staff for the wonderful experience! I feel much more confident now that I know there’s such an effective tool to fight aging!thumbsup😊”
PN | 8 months ago  

“谢谢 Dr Ngiam 以非常专业的手法,让我原本张满雀斑和暗疮疤印的脸,在用了 Ruvy laser 后,疤印减轻了80%以上。

一个星期后,也尝试了 Excel V,下垂的肌肤拉紧了,暗沉无光的脸也很明显的有了光泽。我非常满意之后的效果。

Dr Ngiam 的细心,让人感觉非常的放心。也要谢谢很友善级亲切的员工。thumbsup”
EH | 10 months ago  

“Three months ago I have my first laser treatment session for my face which is dull, sagging and wrinkles. With the state of art laser equipment and Dr Ngiam expertise my face has become more radiance and my eye bags become less puffy.
Besides my face treatment Dr Ngiam treat my hair loss problem with hair growth supplement and Igrow an infrared helmet that stimulate hair growth. This Igrow helmet is featured in the recent Consumer Electronics Show in USA. Baby hair are growing steady.
Last week I have the second session the result is even more amazing. My skin is tighter, fairer and glossy. The eye bags reduce further too. I am delighted on seeing this improvement.
During Chinese New Year catch-up gathering with former colleagues everyone guess I look 10 year younger. Now I am looking forward to my third session in three months time.
Will strongly recommend friends and people looking to lift and tighten their skin.
Many thanks to Dr Ngiam and Clinic Staff for their friendly and effective service.”
LKM Your Delighted Customer  

“Dr Ngiam did a subcision for a deep depressed acne scar which i had for the past twenty years and i couldn’t believe the instant result – the scar literally vanish. The area where the depressed scar used to be is now level and smooth. Thanks a million Dr Ngiam! If you are troubled because of the conditions of your face, give yourself a chance and seek a consultation with him. Dr Ngiam will explain clearly how he will go about to treat your face and recommend the necessary treatments required. And if you have reservations about certain procedures just let him know, he listens and will find an alternative treatment where possible to treat the conditions.

You can be assured you will be in good hands when Dr Ngiam treats you. He may not be able to give you a 100% improvement but improvement you will definitely see. And vastly so.

A BIG THANKS to Dr Ngiam. You would not find a better and more skillful doctor than him.

And many thanks to his very capable, nice and caring staff too.”
Justin G | a year ago  

“After I did Ultherapy, I can see my my face is more tightened up,firmed , lift up and my skin complexion has improve alot.Dr Ngiam performs his expertise with excellent professionalism !
Thank you J Laser, Highly reccommended!!”
JL | a year ago  

“For those who are considering thermage facial therapy, look no further. Dr Ngiam, with the assistance of two of his very efficient staff was most skillful and systematic. I was just amazed how comfortable the entire procedure was, thanks to the generous n copious amount of numbing gel the staff applied prior to the procedure. He has also developed his own systematic approach in the application of the heat to ensure uniformity of the entire face. What I appreciate most was also his explanation of the procedure every step of the way, which puts my mind at ease. Of course the result was obvious … my face felt firmer n tighter n brighter. I had this same procedure done in another aesthetic clinic some 2 years ago so I know the difference. I must say his skill set n light, but firm hand was very reassuring and I have no hesitation recommending my friends to consult Dr Ngiam should they want to consider any non invasive aesthetic procedures.”
PL | a year ago  

“Revisited for botox. Very skilful doctor. Minimal pain and no discomfort at all.”
FT | a year ago  

“Revisited for botox. Very skilful doctor. Minimal pain and no discomfort at all.”
FT | a year ago
“Did Hydro facial & Carbon Laser Peel. The result was a firmer, brighter & more supple look the next day! Dr Ngiam performs his expertise with excellent professionalism & heartfelt client care! Highly recommended!”
JW | a year ago